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  1. Stay tuned: visit regularly http://comodi.phys.ubbcluj.ro/
  2. Let us know what you need: fill in the questionnaire below
  3. Use COMODI
  4. Provide feedback: join the future forum on the COMODI website
  5. Contribute to the repository: adapt your modules to COMODI
  6. Contribute with any ideas

This questionnaire is for acquiring information about the current state of computational science as to programming practices. The information you fill in can refer to a single person or a research group. In the latter case only those involved in developing or using scientific software should be considered. All numbers should be approximate.

1. Number of scientists in the group you are describing: (1 if only yourself)

2. Your age or your groups average age: years.
3. What programming languages do you use? (empty fields default to zero. The percentages don't necessarily have to add up to 100%)
C %
C++ %
Fortran 77 %
Fortran 90 %
Fortran 95 %
Java %
Python %
Tcl/Tk %
Matlab %
Shell scripting %
Perl %
C# %
Delphi %

4. Contribution of third party numeric packages in your programs: %.
5. What third party numeric packages do you use? (E.g.: N/A, none, LAPACK, FFTW) .
6. To what extent do you use visual programming tools? (e.g. like LabView, Simulink) % of the total programming time
7. What visual programming tools do you use? .
8. What operating systems do you use for developing?
Linux %
Unix %
Windows %
Mac %

9. What operating systems do you use for running?
Linux %
Unix %
Windows %
Mac %

10. To what extent do you use integrated development environment (IDE)? (such as Visual Studio, Dev C++, KDevelop, NetBeans, etc.) % of the total development time.
11. What IDE's do you use?
12. To what extent do you use parallel computing (clusters, mainframe computers) for running? % of the total runtime.
13. To what extent do you develop parallel code (MPI, PVM)? % of the total development time.
14. To what extent do you use distributed supercomputing (GRID technologies) ? % of the total runtime.
15. Do you think that computational scientists spend too much time on purely technical or such computer related problems that are not in direct connection with their research goals?
Yes No Other

16. Is sharing numerical modules important? Why?

17. Do you think that the way we share numerical modules today is satisfactory? Why?

18. Do you think this questionnaire could be improved? How?